Glenda was wonderful to work with. She helped us organize our bathroom and it really looks great. Thank you!


Pricing was fair and customer service was outstanding! Good Job!


Thanks so much to Lenny and all the people behind the scenes at Bettendorf Home Repair, you are what makes the jobs go so smooth!

Blaine S.

I wasn’t home when they finished but Les came by a couple of days later to make sure it was completed to my satisfaction. You guys are awesome! Clean up was exceptional!


Great job as usual! My neighbors have let me know how nice the railings on my porch look!


I am recommending your company highly to friends who may need home repair in the future.


The tile in our shower is awesome – looks better than we thought it would!

Judy M.

Another very satisfied customer! Thank you!


We are enjoying our new bar and carpet. Thank you so much!


Thank you for your hard work and accomplishments. I appreciate everything you have done. Everything looks great! I wanted you to know that I felt comfortable with you here in my house – which is not always the case. I’m usually here when work is done. This is the first time that I’ve let a business have my key. You put me at ease and I think that says a lot about you!

Gayle L.

Just a thank you note for the installation of our by-pass doors. I thought you might appreciate a photo of another successful project.

Blaine L.

We really appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail. You and all your workers were great to work with and look forward to doing so again.

Pat S.

Can’t do much more than they did! Your crew members are great guys to work with!

Bill K.

The hand rail to the basement was done exceptionally well!

Phil C.

I am so appreciative of the assistance you gave me. It did take a little more time due to the hot summer weather, but in the end it was well worth the effort. Please let everyone who worked so hard at my house know how much I appreciated it!

Diane S.

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