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So the time has finally come for that great remodel you always dreamed of. You have so many ideas swimming around in your head that you don’t know where to begin. In order to ensure that you have the best remodel experience possible, you should follow these important tips.

1. Decide if the remodel is something that you can do, have time to do, and really want to do on your own. Just because you can do a job on your own, does not necessarily mean that you should do the job on your own. Make sure that your family is on board with the remodel plans as family support through this endeavor will be crucial.

2. If you do decide to hire a contractor to do the remodel, make sure you have done your homework. See my blog on Things to look for when hiring a contractor.

3. You will need to set a realistic budget – AND stick to it! A remodel is a very easy place to blow your budget right out of the water. A realistic budget will take into account some cost over runs. Even the most well thought out plan can run into snags along the way, you should be prepared with a contingency plan before you start the remodel so you will have a better chance of staying on budget.

4. Make a notebook of all the details of the project. We make a step by step notebook that outlines every step of every project we take on. This notebook becomes our guide as we get into the thick of the project. A well thought out plan will be set up is sequential order as to how the project will proceed. It is a good idea to read the notebook on the actual jobsite to ensure there are no missing areas of concern prior to starting.

5. Gather all the materials you will need for each phase of your project and inspect them to ensure that there are no damaged items and that you have enough on site to start the job. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a replacement part because the part that was originally sent is broken – especially when you are in the middle of the project.

6. Be sure to check with your local building inspector to see if the work you are planning requires any type of license or permit. Always pull a permit prior to beginning any demolition. You building inspector can be a great asset for you during the remodel and he will ensure that your remodel meets all code requirements.

7. Finally, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the remodel. When working on your own you have to remember that you may only be able to work on the project during the weekends and that there will be birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other family events that may take away from the work time. A project that my crew can finish in a week took me almost 9 months at home on my own because of this very reason!

Bettendorf Home Repair and Remodeling are your local remodeling experts. We are here to do as much or as little of the remodel as you would like help with. We are also here to provide guidance and assistance with any remodel project you may desire to take on your own. We are fully licensed, insured, and certified in lead safe renovations for your protection. Call 563-355-8449 today for a free estimate on any of your home remodeling needs!


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